Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Die Mold, Die!

Hiya Masterminds! I hope that it's not as crappy and rainy wherever you may be...

So, I've been teasing you endlessly about my moldy bathroom (quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever typed).

The two photos above are what the grody mold looked like before.

Here's what I did:

First, I got nekked. When dealing with caustic chemicals, it's better to do so in your defenseless, unclothed state.

Next, I moved all things that could be bleached. Ie. towels, rugs, wigs, cats.

Then, I hoisted my particularly juicy posterior up onto the bathtub ledge.

I proceeded to spray the shit out of the mold on my bathroom ceiling. I may have been screaming something like, "Die you shitty mold, fucking DIE!" But I breathed in a lot of chlorine bleach fumes, so it's a little fuzzy.

Not much was happening except my panting and cussing, because it's not easy to use the old elbow grease over one's own head. So, I busted out the industrial cleaning rag.


The shit was barely coming off.

"Hey, that's fine. I dig. I waiting too long." So I rinsed all the bleach off of myself as best as I could and wandered off to create chaos elsewhere.

Later, taking a mid-afternoon tinkle, I looked up and saw that a lot of the fucking mold had actually listened. It was GONE. Okay, well, LEAVING.


A few more treatments, and that shiznit is freaking GONE. (For realsies gone, yo!)

Still totally too lazy to figure out how to reorient the photo. Oops.

So, the moral of this Domestic Losthermind's, I mean Mastermind's story is: embrace your bleach.

Until tomorrow!


  1. good job.
    i find when using bleach in a relatively confined space like a bathroom, you can actually feel your braincells dying.

  2. I actually LOVE the smell of bleach. So I guess that means the old braincells are dying happily. Maybe?

    That actually explains so much. Oopsies.